From the October 2014 magazine.

Ready, Set, Go

At four years sober, she’s learned to apply the slogans that helped save her life to a sport that gives her joy

Last November I celebrated four years of sobriety and ran a half-marathon—all in the same week. I couldn’t help but notice that the AA slogans that helped to get and keep me sober also helped me train and run the race. They are not just corny slogans; they are my road map for life. Here are the ones that helped me most:

First Things First
I always wanted to run a half-marathon, so I signed up for the race. This was the first step. This in no way guaranteed that I would be successful, but it was a beginning. I began by running 30 seconds, then walking 30 seconds. Before I knew it, I could run an entire 30 minutes. This set me on the course to train for the longer distance runs.

-- Dee D.

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

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