From the October 2014 magazine.

Twists and Turns

A scary moment while rushing to a meeting showed her it was time to put on the brakes

One pleasant summer evening I was winding my car down a twisty rural road. My sister and I were heading to an AA meeting. I was driving her up the wall with what she called my “reckless” driving. I explained to her that I knew this road like the back of my hand, that my car was very aerodynamic, and I had everything under control. Along with my rationalization, of course, I kept up my frantic pace so as not to be late for the meeting.

That’s when she spoke again—but this time with a quiver in her voice. I gave her a quick glance and saw that she was visibly upset. In an instant I flashed back to our childhood, when I was the older, bolder, thrill-seeking sibling, compared to her shy, more hesitant, careful one. Some things just don’t change. Or do they? Back in the day I would have probably gone faster and actually enjoyed tormenting her.

-- Janis W.

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

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