From the October 2014 magazine.

French Dis-Connection

Far from home and suddenly sponsorless, he learned the meaning of Don’t Drink No Matter What

"'Don’t drink no matter what’ is not the message of AA!” the speaker said. “Recovery from alcoholism through the practice of the Twelve Steps is!” I had no urge to contradict her. Because she was right. Nevertheless, the slogan, “Don’t Drink No Matter What” is an important reason that I am still sober after 28 years.

In my fourth year of sobriety, I moved to Paris, France. I got a job teaching English and an apartment in the Latin Quarter. It had been a dream of mine, but I had been too afraid to act on it until I got sober. I became very active in the English-speaking AA meetings there. One year, I served as chairman of their Intergroup. I had a sponsor, a very charismatic man who had a rich spiritual life. To all his sponsees, he emphasized finding the Higher Power’s will—and seizing whatever it was. He introduced me to much deeper prayer and meditation practices than I had ever experienced.

-- Anonymous

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