From the November 2014 magazine.

Fan the Flames

In the mountains of Idaho, a woman gets a warm Thanksgiving reminder of the fire that came back in her life

I’m sitting by a campfire at the base of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. It’s fall, and Thanksgiving will be here soon. As I sit and watch the flames, I contemplate this sobriety I have, AA, and the happiness and gratitude I feel. There’s contentment in the air. The flames remind me of what it takes to build a solid, sober life.

First, there’s the cold ground: burn-out, death, total defeat, desolation ... and for some of us, the shivers of the DTs. Then, when we walk into the rooms of AA, we ask for help and say, “Please, can someone light my fire?” Someone offers us kindling, a Big Book to help us feel a tiny spark of life. After a few weeks of meetings and sponsorship and reading the literature, we begin to feel a flame … Ah, something to cling to!

-- Brenda M.

Boise, Idaho

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