From the December 2014 magazine.

Take a Bow, AA

Sober since 1969, a man in Connecticut recalls his long, rocky, wonderful AA journey

Booze, ego and I were allies; together we made my self-image glow. I was introduced to AA in the spring of 1969, and booze left us. That’s when ego said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take up the slack.” I believed him.

My first sponsor, Charlie, had three whole months. We bonded immediately. Our egos clicked and began to collaborate. Recall might make me blush because we practiced our own “pink cloud” version of the AA program with bluster and tomfoolery. But since it was the beginning of my sober journey, I feel no shame. Charlie may have been the catalyst that gave me hope and a reason to try this Fellowship brand of sobriety. Who knows? On my own I could stop drinking, but I could not stay sober. Charlie was my age. He relapsed, his liver failed, and he was soon dead. I survived the loss without picking up a drink.

-- Anonymous

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