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Facing My Fears

A member applies Step One to other areas of his life

Returning to Step One, I asked one of the veterans of our Fellowship to guide me through the 12 Steps. I have done this before, and each time I've taken the 12 Steps with a sponsor, I have learned some valuable lessons. This time started a little differently. This sponsor asked me what problem I wanted to address. My answer was "Well, I want your help with the Steps." He asked me if I was having trouble with active addiction to alcohol. When I told him no, he challenged me to decide what problem I wanted to use the Steps to overcome. Our literature, it was pointed out, promises a solution to all our problems. I had to think about it.

At first, I thought maybe I could benefit if I could learn how better to prioritize things in my life. I could see that I frequently struggle to accomplish things that are important to me, most likely because I tend to put them off as long as I can. I rationalize time spent doing simple, less important things first and then find myself rushing to finish the important tasks. My sponsor didn't seem convinced that this was the underlying problem, so he challenged me to think some more.

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