From the December 2014 magazine.

That Woman Next Door

I always believed in God and loved church, but I had alcoholic parents who were cruel and abusive. I suffered from severe child abuse for 12 years, and I hated myself and lost my faith.

At 13, I turned to alcohol and drugs. It helped take away the pain, but ended up causing me more pain. I landed in hospitals and jails and had several bad car accidents. I even fell off the back of a motorcycle on the Hollywood Freeway and cracked my head open. The doctors told me I was lucky to be alive. From my hospital window I listened to my radio and heard it playing the lyrics, "and I thank God I'm alive." That made me begin to think about God again. Still I didn't know if I would live or die. Everyone had given up on me.

-- Robin F.

Burbank, California

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