From the January 2015 magazine.

Sobriety Rocks

The blast he had at a concert with sober friends was the moment he was looking for

I walked into my first AA meeting at 16 feeling like a reject. I hated who I was, and I came to AA to save a friendship and to save myself from the person I was becoming. But I wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t think I had a drinking problem because I was unlike all those drinkers I’d heard about: I never hid alcohol all over the house, or had the shakes. I was never a blackout drinker, never lost any jobs or skipped school due to my drinking.

I loved drinking and the effects of liquor, but how could I be an alcoholic? I was so young! I remember reading in “The Doctor’s Opinion” that alcoholics cannot start drinking because the “phenomenon of craving” develops. There it was in black and white: I could not start drinking without wanting more. But I was a teenager who never had any serious consequences. Evidently, I had not suffered enough. However that first meeting planted the seed of sobriety. It would not do much growing until I finally returned to AA when I was 20.

-- Jak L.

Irwin, Pennsylvania

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