From the January 2015 magazine.

Hit the road

Three young sober guys cross the U.S. in 50 days—with lots of AA coffee

So the day finally came when two of my best AA buds and I were to embark on a 50-day road trip across the U.S. I have to admit, the thought of spending so much time with these egomaniacs seemed a little frightening, but that idea was quickly smashed by the reminder that I, too, am an egomaniac! So our beautiful journey began. We set sail in Delray Beach, Florida, but not before taking care of business. The three of us took an hour to meditate and pray together by making a little circle and starting with the Lord’s Prayer.

Our first stop was Lawrenceville, Georgia, where one of us was raised. I will just say this now: We ate amazing food the whole trip—especially in Georgia. After dinner, we went to an AA meeting to get our bearings. After two nights there, we headed to Asheville, North Carolina. We spent the night there hanging out with a friend who said he’d decided to leave AA, but since our visit was thinking about coming back. I don’t know if we had anything to do with that, but that doesn’t matter.

-- Mike G.

Delray Beach, Florida

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