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Published January 2015.

Thank You, Casper

Hurt, frightened, confused, she found help through her Higher Power, whom she chose to call Casper

I was the little kid hiding in the clothes closet, crying "I hate you, God!" because Dad was drunk again and fighting with Mom. In that closet, I made two decisions: the first, that I would never drink; the second, that there was no God.

When I was twelve, I had a five-year diary. On every single page I scratched, "I'm not going to be here on that day, anyway!" or, "I just want to die!" All during my high-school years I felt different. My father was a drunk, and I couldn't dress the way the other kids did. My father was a drunk, and I had to go home to the fighting, when the other kids went home to normal families.

-- Anonymous,

Boston, Massachusetts

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