From the April 2015 magazine.

Like a warm bath

I am so busy all the time. I have my husband of 31 years, my three children, my own travel company, women I sponsor, my AA commitments and my creative life—all to fit into a shrinking 24 hours. Sometimes I think I don't have time to go to all these conferences and conventions, and yet every time I do, I get pumped up with love, faith, gratitude and joy that can be compared to nothing else. It is like a booster shot of love, and the only way you can get it is to show up.

A few days ago, I made a last minute decision to attend a womens' AA conference three hours north of my home with one of my sponsees who was feeling a little down in the dumps. We had just been to a big conference several weeks ago, but I thought this one was "close," which means in the same state. I also wanted to see another sponsee who lived nearby who had just had surgery. I was tired and had not slept well all week: I had a lot for my busy mind to chew on and a body trying to return to the eastern time zone after a recent "gratitude cruise" to Alaska. But I packed a bag anyway.

-- Snow P.

Lake Worth, Florida

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