From the May 2015 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

In “Working With Others,” our co-founder, Bill W., suggests that while helping an alcoholic we may want to “let the doctor, if he will, tell him he has something in the way of a solution.” But how will the doctor know about AA or where to find us? Committees on Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC) are made up of members who bring AA information to professionals—such as doctors, lawyers, judges, clergy and therapists—who come in contact with alcoholics. In his 1958 Grapevine essay, “Let’s Be Friendly with Our Friends,” Bill wrote, “So let us work alongside all these projects of promise to hasten the recovery of those millions who have not yet found their way out.” This month’s special section features stories of the many ways AAs provide this important service.

In “A Planted Seed,” a member speaks to a nursing class about AA, which later saved the writer’s life. A sponsor and his sponsee join forces to help doctors understand us in “Operation: Cooperation.” A former high school teacher, now a Class A trustee, shares her story and returns the love in “Thank you AA.” And in “Drop Anchor” a member adds simple CPC service to the list of things that keep him firmly docked in AA.

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