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Published May 2015. First printed in January 1970.

A Hardboiled Egghead

An AA member talks about what it was like getting sober at 60

My biggest handicap getting sober later in life was twofold. One, I act like I know everything and two, I can't say those three words that old men hate: "I don't know." Now, add to this double debit the disease of alcoholism and you've got a hardboiled egghead too smart for his own sobriety.

The dictionary defines an egghead as someone who is very intelligent, bookish, and intellectual. I was intelligent alright! I had my college degree. But, my wonderful intelligence was the stupid kindit wouldn't let anything in. You can actually know too much to get sober. It obstructs the "language of the heart."

-- Ed C.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

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