From the October 2012 magazine.

October 2012: The Secret Is Out

There was a saying in rehab that “Our secrets keep us sick.” For the most part, I came to agree. But I was still quite nervous when I decided to “out” myself at what had become my AA home group. It’s a very diverse gathering there. Attendees range from professionals to homeless. They had become my home group because it was just a few blocks from my house and it met 365 days a year.

Everyone was always very welcoming and warm to me, regardless of what I might be wearing or what spiritual baggage I was carrying that day. Yet I felt my heart pounding when I chose to open my closet door to these new friends. The subject of homosexuality had arisen during a discussion once about another AA meeting, held at the gay community center. But according to the speaker, it was “still a good meeting.”

-- Scott L.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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