From the October 2012 magazine.

October 2012: Pint-Sized

Too anxious to attend AA, he finally found his home in a small meeting room

Soward 12 X 12 Group, Winfield, Kan. photo by Carl F.

I began drinking alcohol at the age of 16. The effects of my first drinking experience were surprising and very pleasant. But my first hangover was equally surprising, and it was the beginning of many hangovers to come in my life.

I was a binge drinker. My pattern was to drink alcohol to the point of oblivion or until the money or alcohol ran out. Over the course of 27 years of drinking, my tolerance for alcohol increased and blackouts were a common occurrence.

Nobody that I know of in my family has ever had an issue with alcoholism. My father was not an alcoholic, nor was my...

-- Anthony W.

Carson City, Nevada

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