October 2012: Letter from the Editor

When we first come into AA, some of us have trouble feeling like we belong. But, luckily, the doors of AA are wide. In the Big Book chapter “There is a Solution,” it states that we alcoholics “are people who normally would not mix.” But then it quickly assures us that “there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.” In this month’s diversity section, we feature stories by alcoholics who, although they felt different, found their place in AA.

In “Too Chinese, Too Jewish, Too Young” a newcomer has a hard time relating, but by listening to stories she finds she’s like everyone else. A deaf member in Key West was about to leave AA when his home group stepped up to help him “hear” the message in the sweet “Quiet Love.” An agnostic member struggles for years with “the God thing,” until he finally gets honest in “Finding Our Way.” And in the humorous “Gay, Joyous & Free,” a woman, scared to come out to her home group, gets a big surprise.

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