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A Family Saga

Alcoholism wrought tragedy amongst them until some surrendered to sobriety

It is by the grace of God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous that I am alive and carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers and for that I am grateful. If you are new to this, please just read through this story and maybe you can find the similarities. If you have been sober for three days, three months, three years or 33 years please just read on and maybe something you read can help you.

I come from generations of alcoholics and have seen this disease kill family and friends time and time again. I was a child during the sixties and it was commonplace in my house to see my parents and their friends drinking into oblivion on a daily basis. I remember the first time I realized that my family was not like other families. I watched my uncle get beaten to within an inch of his life on the corner of Victory Boulevard and Van Nuys. He was stumbling drunk and got thrown into the gutter as a metal newspaper stand fell on him puncturing a hole in his head and knocking him unconscious.

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