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A Life Worth Saving

After more than one relapse, he came to believe that God loved him too

When I came back into Alcoholics Anonymous, it was with the understanding that I would have no expectations. I first started going to meetings in 1994 after some outpatient treatment. I had a sponsor in name only. We didn't work the Steps, nor did we really connect on any level. I used the opportunity of my wife being out of town to drink again in 1998.

I came back to the program in 2000 after a short stint in a mental hospital, and found a sponsor that had worked the Steps with his sponsor and had offered to help me to do the same. I'll always love him for that. Things were going only okay and the psychotropic drugs my psychiatrist had prescribed for me were making my mind feel like a rubber band getting tighter and tighter. Also, my wife and I were not getting along at all.

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