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Published September 2015.

8 Days

The vital role his home group plays in his sobriety was brought home to him

Sometimes I wake up and find myself starting my routine before the sleep has been wiped out of my eyes. This Sunday morning was slightly different; I had agreed to meet my sponsor for breakfast at 9:00 am. Now there was a time when 9:00 am was either too early or I was just rolling in from one of those monstrous party nights. Meeting my sponsor these days is like a kid being told he's going to a fast food burger joint for dinner. In my case having pancakes with crispy bacon at our AA diner was just as exciting.

I don't know what it is about meeting with my sponsor, but similar to an AA meeting, I always walk away feeling better than when I got there. This particular morning was no different. I have learned to talk about the things that are bothering me so I can get the feedback I need to continue on this spiritual path. I still feel my sponsor is the wisest, kindest man I've ever met and even personal criticism comes across in a gentle manner. It's all about recognizing those areas that require change that challenge me one day at a time, and my sponsor helps devise a plan of action. Since I met with my sponsor on the early side, once we finished with breakfast, I had plenty of time to go to one of my favorite meetings at the Triangle Club.

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