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The Steps as Solution

She turned to her sponsor and the program when her relationship faltered

I had accomplished 17 years of sobriety, but I had zero recovery. It was November of 2007, I was miserable and lonely and one day I cried out to God and asked, "God, why can't I have a healthy relationship?" God replied, "If you want a healthy relationship, you have to get healthy, you have to do what they have been telling you all along, you have to get a sponsor and do the Steps."

My 17 years of sobriety had been filled with isolation, fear, despair, anger, resentments and misery. I thought that that was normal and I could not comprehend how a sponsor or working the 12 Steps could help me overcome any of that. But just being sober was not enough anymore and I finally became willing to go to any lengths to find out if there was a solution to my despair.

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