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Down the Drain

One morning made the difference between his old life and his new life

I woke up and my normal first drink of the morning, the left over warm, cheap scotch from the night before, was on the night table within reaching distance. This had been going on for months. My habit was to drink until I passed out, one or two times most days. I truly believe that during that time I was actively attempting to drink myself to death. I was that hopeless and desperate.

But something totally unplanned happened that morning. I poured the remaining contents of that glass down the kitchen sink. That was immediately followed by all the beer in the refrigerator and all the scotch on the counter. I got down on my knees and thanked God for what was happening, and then called the friend who had been my sponsor during previous failed attempts at sobriety and asked him to take me on one more time. When it happened I had no explanation for my actions, but today I consider it a miracle. It was the beginning of the continuous sobriety I enjoy today, ten years later.

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