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It took many more "yets" before she came to the rooms of AA

The early years of my drinking didn't bring me a whole lot of grief. I was slowly seduced by alcohol which allowed me to think I was in charge. Yes, it's cunning, baffling, powerful and very patient. When I got my divorce, my four kids ranged in age from 5 to 12. I really believed I was in control! I was a good mom—clean house, food on the table, and I also had a job. After the divorce in 1970, I knew I had to make more money to support my kids. I got little child support and my waitressing pay just didn't make it.

I had heard that barmaids made good money and that sounded great to me. I was an attractive woman and had no trouble getting dates and being wined and dined. I read a bartender's guide and conned my way into work as a barmaid. We wore hot pants and boots! Now I was in the environment I loved best—music and laughter. I didn't drink when I was working. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that eventually I could be too old to be a barmaid in hot pants and boots and so I decided to go back into office work.

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