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1,000 Days

From the depths of despair to a life beyond her dreams

1,000 days ago, I lay in an Intensive Care Unit, hopeless, helpless, and nearly lifeless. This is what my life had come to. My very best attempt at running my life had nearly ended it. Now there's a terrible place to be. As it turns out, that is exactly where God needed me to be at that moment. I had lost all sight of any and everything important, and I had surrendered to the drink. Even more solemn, I had accepted that my life would always be that way. I would be running, hiding, numbing, and dying in the process.

What I didn't expect was that God knew exactly what He was doing when he put me in that hospital bed, in the same ICU where my mom had succumbed to this disease three years earlier. I had to be there to ever admit and accept defeat. I was a mess.

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