From the November 2012 magazine.

November 2012: Two Wheel Contact

After a healthy breakfast my favorite Eleventh Step tool is a bicycle and a half-hour ride before work. I especially like a stretch along the river behind the high school where I occasionally see deer, hawks, ducks and geese. On rare occasions, like twice last summer, I was blessed with the sighting of a bald eagle, and these were both awesome experiences. I always get to see the start of a new day with the sun coming up as I head east. I try to share the joy of the ride by greeting the runners and walkers I meet. I also try to practice some humility by picking up cans and litter. When I’m really spiritually connected I don’t worry about the source of the trash but just accept it and pick it up. I do believe that the bicycle helps me keep closer to my Higher Power. I can think about my daily readings, pray, meditate, feel gratitude and prepare for the coming day.

Thanks AA, for this way of life sure beats the guilt, shame and hangovers from the mornings of my drinking career.

-- Anonymous

Mason City, Iowa

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