From the November 2012 magazine.

November 2012: Tradition Time

He was so busy doing service, he barely noticed his depression had lifted

The Summit Avenue Group, Hagerstown, Maryland. photo by Nancy B.

I came back into AA after being out for nearly two years. Before that, I hadn’t really cared too much either way for the Traditions. But when I got sober this time, I was fascinated by them. I read them in the “Twelve and Twelve,” then found a lot more material in The Language of the Heart, a Grapevine book I had maybe picked up once during my previous time in sobriety.

I then read something in “The AA Group” pamphlet that started me on a journey that would eventually save my life. It’s in the section “What kinds of meetings do groups hold?” and it says about study...

-- Jon C.

El Dorado Hills, California

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