From the November 2012 magazine.

November 2012: Tradition Time

He was so busy doing service, he barely noticed his depression had lifted

The Summit Avenue Group, Hagerstown, Maryland. photo by Nancy B.

I came back into AA after being out for nearly two years. Before that, I hadn’t really cared too much either way for the Traditions. But when I got sober this time, I was fascinated by them. I read them in the “Twelve and Twelve,” then found a lot more material in The Language of the Heart, a Grapevine book I had maybe picked up once during my previous time in sobriety.

I then read something in “The AA Group” pamphlet that started me on a journey that would eventually save my life. It’s in the section “What kinds of meetings do groups hold?” and it says about study meetings, “These same formats may be applied to group meetings on the Big Book or Twelve Traditions.” I am pretty detail-oriented so when I saw that “or” I took it to mean that meetings that just focused on the Twelve Traditions were

-- Jon C.

El Dorado Hills, California

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