From the November 2012 magazine.

November 2012: It's a Wonderful Life

A World War II vet remembers the woman who saved his life 54 years ago

On Jan. 31, 2012, I celebrated, with two AA friends, my 20,000th day of sobriety. I know that if I can work this program, anybody can—if you are willing to follow the Big Book. AA has been a way of life for me since April 30, 1957. I would not trade that for anything. Even after 54 years of sobriety, I can remember what it used to be like, what happened, and I am very happy.

I now live in a nursing home, where the message has to be carried to me, as I am unable to get out to meetings. The AA community in Trempealeau County, Wis., has a meeting at my nursing home every Sunday...

-- Oliver P./D.M.

Mondovi, Wisconsin