From the December 2012 magazine.

December 2012: The Incredible Hulk

Hospitals, jails and DUIs … when he drank, there was no stopping him

From the time I first took a drink at 13, my life revolved around alcohol. I distinctly remember throwing my arms in the air and screaming, “This is the best feeling in the world!” I thought I had discovered the missing link in my bloodstream. Soon after I began to experience blackouts.

For the next 14 years, any successes I achieved were blemished with alcohol-related charges. One week I got a scholarship; the next week a DUI. One year I made the dean’s list; that summer I got another DUI. I raised $1200 for a local charity in a blackout, though I hardly remember where all that money came from. My family and friends tried to help me for many years. Finally, they gave up when they realized they were enabling me.

-- R.G.

Norfolk, Virginia

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