From the December 2016 magazine.

Office Party Gone Bad

Boy, had he done it now. Little did he know he was about to be quietly 12th-Stepped

I once worked for this calm, strange gentleman named Owen. He never got very upset and he had some peculiar items scattered around his office. There was a plaque with a prayer about God granting serenity and knowledge and wisdom. He had a pen holder with praying hands, a small model camel and even a picture on his wall with the words, “Think Think Think.” I didn’t understand why he had that strange stuff. But he was the boss so I put up with it.

One Friday evening, the office held a party at a local restaurant and there was plenty of food, drink and loud conversations—like those days of “conviviality, companionship and colorful imagination” mentioned in the Big Book. At the time, I was an alcoholic still working on my story. I drank to excess yet again. The evening ended with me in jail and most of the rest of my coworkers quietly and comfortably at their homes.

-- Mark E.

Lebanon, Ohio, USA

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