From the December 2016 magazine.

“I Heard You Don’t Drink”

There’s nothing like an anonymity break to ruin a lovely, hot summer beach day

After settling down on my towel, ready to check out the endless parade of guys on this humid, scorching Miami afternoon, I was caught a little off guard. Not by some of the sights on the beach, although there were a few of those too, but by the conversation I was having with a somewhat gregarious acquaintance of mine named Luca. We always say hello when we see each other, but for the most part our conversations are quite superficial—movies, TV shows or new restaurants—just small talk mainly. But on this day, he had something a little more substantial on his mind.

“Hey Cole, how’s it going?” said Luca, as he walked up. “I was just talking about you the other day.”

-- Rodney D.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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