From the January 2013 magazine.

January 2013: Mess on Campus

Blackouts, stitches and failed classes, it was all downhill until she found AA

I’ve been an alcoholic for as long as I can recall. Growing up, I didn’t want for anything, but felt like I had nothing. I attended a very demanding New York City private school and cheated my way to graduation. I was antagonistic toward my teachers and was riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and depression.

By the time I discovered alcohol at a new high school, I was desperate for a respite, mostly from myself. Alcohol provided just that. It gave me confidence. I felt that I had arrived. But I soon got into trouble, much of it in blackouts. I got in peoples’ faces, got banged up, hooked up with inappropriate people, puked—a lot—slept days away, missed and failed classes, and made my parents worry because I would come home wasted at crazy hours. The day after would come the dreaded call to friends to find out what I had done the night before.

-- Lauren S

New York, New York

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