From the January 2013 magazine.

January 2013: The Perfect Table

On a crazy mission to update her kitchen, a newcomer hits the road to Reno

When I was approaching my first AA birthday I got a few funny ideas. My first year in recovery had been amazing. I had spent the whole year feeling grateful that I was alive and sober. My sponsor had helped me work the Steps, I had a host of new friends, I was the secretary of a meeting, and I had a service commitment at my group business meeting. So as my birthday came near, I got the notion that maybe I had done all there was to do in AA. I didn’t understand what the phrase “more will be revealed” truly meant.

Around the same time, I had been rearranging the furniture in my apartment. I didn’t have a lot of money, so I had done well by simply moving some pieces from room to room, buying a few plants and a rug, and adding some pictures to the walls. I felt happy with the results, except that I needed to replace the kitchen table. The one I had was too big for the space, and I wanted the kitchen table to have a different purpose in my new sober life. My drinking years had caused my family to drift from family meals. Everyone ate here and there, in their bedrooms, or in front of the TV. I wanted the kitchen table to be a place to share meals, to sit and talk over a cup of coffee, to eat some of the many sweets I was constantly baking. I knew the exact table that I wanted: a simple wood farm-style table with four wooden ladder-back chairs. It was a size hard to find in order to fit in the space. But I became obsessed with getting the task done. So I set off to find this table.

-- Laura J.

Mammoth Lakes, California

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