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Published December 2016.

Writing The Story Of Her Life

She hid her true self behind uplifting poems she literally wrote on walls; it was only after finding sobriety that she also found her essential muse

I grew up in a good home. My parents weren't divorced and they didn't fight. In grade school, I was your typical happy, smart, athletic kid. I always got good grades, was good in sports, and was funny, or at least tried to be. This is when I started writing poems and even got a couple published then, too. I continued writing into high school, but that's when I started getting depressing, lonely, and sometimes suicidal.

On the outside, I looked so happy, but inside I was torn. My parents let me write my poems on the walls in my bedroom. The only rule was that they couldn't be depressing, only uplifting ones. So I had dozens of them written all over my walls, but I kept the sad ones to myself and wrote those on the walls of my closet, behind my clothes. It was just like my life—happy on the outside for all to see, but inside I was hurting. 

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