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The Holidays Today

They found new ways to celebrate in sobriety

As I awake, I look at the wall clock. It says 11 p.m. The room is brightly lit and the season's decorations are in place. "So, what about midnight Mass?" I say out loud to no one in particular. "What midnight Mass?" my wife shouts at me. "Midnight Mass, for God's sake!" I shout back. "Are you daft? Today's Holy Innocents day," she replies.

I have a funny feeling I've heard this before. A déjà vu of sorts. I'm aware it's the Christmas season and it's definitely 1985. So it's 28th December! Another Christmas has come and gone. Yes, gone, and it seems it has passed me by again. I know my wife and children are giving me that curious look they always give me. I stare at the floor and keep nodding my head. I'm making out like I'm reminiscing what happened from the 22nd to the present moment.

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