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A Few Light Bulb Moments

A member describes the turning points along the way that led to AA

I have had many light bulb moments over the years. Five months before seeking help for my alcoholic behavior, I had an 1,000-watt idea to open an arts and crafts store to help with our financial dilemma. We were hard-pressed for money in our semi-retirement, but I didn't consider getting a real job because that would cut into my drinking time. My insanity started early each day when my husband left the house. Before he reached the stop sign, 50 feet away from our driveway, I had my first beer opened. I drank all day every day until 10 minutes before he came home.

Many arguments ensued and meals I prepared began to taste bland. After 40 years of cooking healthy—sometimes gourmet meals—I just didn't care. There were even two kitchen fires that could have destroyed our home if I had passed out and not been able to contain them. I was in an alcoholic downward spiral but I could not see a way out. I figured by getting out of the house and having something to do, besides drink, I might drink less.

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