From the May 2013 magazine.

May 2013: Best Deviled Eggs in Memphis

As his sobriety improved, so did his recipe!

In 2002, I was in an alcohol treatment program in Memphis. Daily attendance was required from about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and a half-day on Saturday. Another requirement was attending AA meetings once a day and twice on Sunday.

I began attending the ABC Group near my home. At first I arrived as the meeting was about to start and left immediately after the meeting ended. It went on like this through the five weeks of treatment and for a couple of months after. ABC Group had monthly birthday celebrations and also hosted a monthly potluck dinner. I did not attend either. After a few months, I realized this was not going to work and resolved to become more involved. I began arriving early for meetings and got to know a few people. For the birthday and potluck dinners, I began preparing a pasta salad to which I added jalapeño peppers—few people ate it. So I began preparing deviled eggs, which are always welcome. Over time I learned a lot about deviled eggs. For instance, eggs peel easier after boiling if they are a week or so old. And placing the egg carton on its side for 24 hours before boiling will allow the yolk to “center.”

-- Clark K.

Memphis, Tennessee

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