From the May 2013 magazine.

May 2013: A Grand Hike

At one year, a member gathers a sober posse for an adventure they’ll never forget

I was a year sober when I decided to organize a group of 13 friends in recovery who dreamed of going backpacking in the Grand Canyon. We were a diverse crew who ranged in age from 25 to 35, and had different fitness levels, personalities, and time in recovery. If I were to introduce them I would call them, with deep affection, The Trail Walker, The Best Friend, The Hippie, The Esthetician, The Camp Counselor, The Eagle Scout, The Doof, The Marine, The Mama Hen, The Reptilian Hominoid, The Joker, and myself, The Trip Planner. Almost a year later, and after countless cups of coffee, our...

-- Elizabeth P.