From the May 2013 magazine.

May 2013: Let the Music Play

A DJ gets sober and thinks life is over, but the party hasn't really started

If someone had told me before I stopped drinking that sobriety would be fun, I would’ve definitely stopped hanging out with them. Alcohol was a God-given, rock ’n’ roll rite of passage, and to have fun was to drink to oblivion like my heroes. I was a rebel. But with 15 years sober, it’s clear to me that I have much more fun now and create more music and excitement than when I was drunk and partying all the time.

I was raised in Atlanta, Ga., and I grew up loving music. Rock was king, but I started DJing in the local clubs because disco and new wave had arrived. It was new and exciting. As a DJ, I always had access to free drinks, which became a problem fast. I loved getting totally wasted. It made me feel social and relaxed around people. But I drank myself to a point where I thought I had ulcers, so I quit for a while and things improved. But I knew that as soon as I could drink again, I would. Things improved a lot without alcohol, so I started a band and moved to New York City.

-- Larry T.

London, England

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