From the May 2013 magazine.

May 2013: Look Out for Two Old Ladies

Girlfriends hit the road for shopping trips, museums—and 3 a.m. bologna sandwiches!

My favorite friend and I met way back on a bright fall day in the mid-70s. We were fresh teenagers wearing peasant outfits while working at the local steakhouse. I don’t know who thought of the idea first, but we found that work was extremely fun with tumblers full of rum and coke hidden in our hostess stand. We bonded over those and many, many other alcoholic moments. It was fun—and disastrous.

Over the years, my friend Christine and I appeared to live parallel self-destructive lives. We moved to Arizona and both found dead-end relationships. I eventually came back to my hometown in 1985. I had heard of AA through my mother’s attempt to get sober. I thought if she could do it, then maybe I could too.

-- Helen H.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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