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May 2013: And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

When I started drinking, it was love at first sight, then it was love/hate, and eventually just hate. At some point I began to experiment with being “on the wagon.” I would abstain from alcohol for a weekend, a week, or a month. One time I made it for six months all on my own power. I was attempting to not drink—no matter what. The trouble with that strategy is that I tend to drink—no matter what. At some point it became clear to me that, on my own, I would always drink again.

One night after a lot of heavy drinking, I returned home in my usual drunk fog. I sat on the couch and opened up a can of beer and began watching some very late night television. It was a show about alcoholism. The show was somewhat negative about AA, which I knew nothing about. I remember saying to myself, Whatever happens, do not go to AA. On another occasion I came home again, opened a beer and sat in front of the TV. Even though I could barely comprehend what I was watching, something grabbed my attention. During the commercial break there was a short announcement (later I found out it was a PSA about Alcoholics Anonymous) about drinking and those who were wondering about how alcohol might be a problem. Both of these shows, I now believe, planted seeds.

-- Terry L.

San Diego, California

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