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A Pocket Full of Dimes

Things have changed over the years but sobriety is as good as ever

What an amazing time we live in! When I first got sober, I walked around carrying a pocketful of dimes in case I needed to talk to someone. I lived in an area that had lots of meetings every day of the week and at different times of the day so "making meetings" was an important part of my early recovery, and wasn't something I really thought of. It was relatively easy for me to attend between seven and 14 meetings a week while still working two jobs. There were times I needed to call numerous people for a ride and even times I ended up "thumbing" or calling a cab to make a meeting, but I have had it pretty good. I understand today that it's not like that everywhere and I'm grateful for the chance to experience AA meetings in many parts of the United States and other countries as well.

About two years into my sobriety, I got a new job that requires that I travel about 25-50 percent of the year. It has brought me many interesting experiences. Back in those days, I carried a briefcase with a "One Day at a Time" sticker on it. I have had numerous impromptu meetings in airport passenger lounges as a result.

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