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Tapping Me on the Shoulder

His higher power helped him through some tricky drinking situations

At two recent events where alcohol was served, I had been initially worried. I've been sober for over six years, but some events still bother me. I usually prepare by making sure I'm going to enough meetings, meditating, calling people, talking about my fears, and always having an exit strategy. However, these two events were more difficult because they were celebrations: One was a birthday and the other a graduation.

My mother was celebrating her fiftieth birthday, so we all threw her a surprise party. My wife and I came in from out of town as did many others. It was a hit. The only problem for me was that it was like an Irish wake. There was an open bar, people were hammered, and the band was playing Irish funeral music (something my family likes to listen to). Let me just say, the night ended with my brother and my cousin puking, and a family friend not knowing where he was. My brother rarely drinks like that, but things clearly got out of hand for a lot of people at the party.

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