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A Dream Fulfilled

This preacher in East Texas found his true calling when he took the first three Steps

I was born in Houston, Texas in 1948 to very good parents. My dad was a man of his word and highly respected in our community. My mother was a deeply religious woman who did much for people, and was regarded as a saint by those who knew her. Of course, that meant that every Sunday morning, she awakened me, saying, "It's time to get ready for church!" The older I got, the more I resented it.

I was born with very little eyesight. I managed to get through the third grade in public school before my vision had dwindled away to the point that, in 1958, I was sent to Austin to the Texas School for the Blind to learn Braille. At puberty, I developed a bit of a defiant attitude and by the end of junior high, I was expelled from that school. I returned to my hometown, and re-entered public school my sophomore year. It was very challenging. While at the blind school, I had learned to type, so at least I had a way to turn in my schoolwork.

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