From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: Diagnosis: fear, cure: action

How a service job she didn't want helped her get past her fear of hospitals

As an alcoholic, I spent many days dreading various scenarios: bosses confronting me about my attitude and behavior, learning about my humiliating escapades during blackouts, and finally, having to admit to powerlessness over booze and submitting to AA. Of course, I know now that these dreaded moments were actually blessings. They were moments of opportunity and clarity that would change my life for the better. So why couldn’t I remember those moments when my home group nominated me to chair a meeting in the psych ward of a local hospital?

Although I was usually happy to accept any service position, whether it was setting up chairs or selecting speakers, I secretly avoided this particular commitment for years. What my group didn’t know was that I had an irrational fear of hospitals.

-- Karen A.

New York, New York

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