From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: Losing my religion

Lost in raves after leaving his church, he discovers the truth about his drinking

Painting by Fran O.

The first time I tried alcohol I was 10 years old. My friend and I got hold of his mother’s liquor, which she had kept under the sink. It was vodka and whiskey. I can’t remember everything that happened, but I recall laughing a lot. I was 13 when I found a bottle of whiskey left behind after a party at our house and I hid it in my drawer. Again, my memory of what happened when I drank is vague, but I know I was laughing, jumping around on my bed, and falling down a lot. I woke up naked and bruised.

For three years after my 14th birthday, I consumed a lot of alcohol and weed. Public nakedness, bruises, cops, handcuffs, upset parents, more drinking, more cops, more upset parents, and legal fees became my every- day reality. Then came a brief period of sobriety while I did service outside of the country for a popular religious organization based in Utah.

-- Talon W.

Bountiful, Utah

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