From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: No finish line

By not racing for the end, this alcoholic can experience a happy, purposeful life

Over the past 20 years I have heard people state at meetings that they “did” the Steps or that they’re working “through” the Steps. When put in this light, it sounds as though there’s a definite goal to be obtained to which there’s an end result. My experience is different. I’ve found that I’m never finished with the Steps, for they provide a structure for me to live by. Before AA, I had no chance for a happy and purposeful life. My old, self-imposed guidelines on how to live ended in despair and deprivation.

I experience the Steps daily; I can be working any one of them at any particular moment of the day. Gratefully, I don’t see them as something to be endured or used as a means to an end. They’re not unlike a manual for a life, to be free of alcohol (or any other behaviors which keep me from living life to its fullest).

-- Mitchell K.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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