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Published February 2017.

The Bus

After a slip, she had a stark choice: Ride the AA bus to sobriety, or get off at the liquor store

When I first joined AA, in Deland, Florida, I was unsure if I was an alcoholic. After all, some of my siblings and my husband definitely were alcoholics. Between them, they had suffered job losses, gotten DUIs, spent time in jail and had problems with their personal relationships. I experienced none of these, except relationship difficulties.

I attended an AA group nightly right after work. I would go there to complain about my employer and some of my colleagues, then I’d high tail it out after the meeting. As I left, people would say: “Keep coming back.” And so I did. I made that my home group and got a sponsor. I didn’t drink but also didn’t work the program. Basically, I used the group as a dumping ground for my frustrations about my job.

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