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A Pure Gift

For him, the changes in his life were the result of a relationship with a higher power

My drinking began as an experiment. I didn't know what alcohol would do to me. After a few drinks, I figured out what all the hollering was about. It made me feel good. I had a few drinks and I became more confident, my inhibitions fell from me and I felt happy. Over time I continued to experiment and I found that alcohol could be used for other things as well.

Sometimes when I felt pain, it worked as a pain reliever. I found at times of stress and worry, it would calm me down. When I faced indecision, a few drinks would fire my imagination and I could figure out a way to overcome any obstacle. It seemed alcohol would also improve any occasion by making it just a little bit more fun or exciting. Alcohol became a cure-all, a medicine for whatever ailed me, my fountain of youth, my solution. As time went on and I repeated this behavior over and over, it became my persuasion. I relied on it in every situation, for every problem, at all times. It seemed, at times, that I could not live without it.

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