From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: Keeping Sobriety Fresh

I recently attended my first District Assembly Meeting for Area 51 in North Carolina. I went with my husband, who had volunteered at our new home group as a GSR. We had recently moved to North Carolina after 25 sober years in AA in Florida. Having left long-standing meetings, fellowship and support, we needed to meet fellow AAs fast, as the long, cold winter was getting to our sanity. A few weeks before the Assembly, I chose to attend an AA womens’ retreat to meet some sober women in the beautiful mountains of our state. Then, with my husband of 19 years, off I went to Raleigh for our first District Assembly.

What an eyeopener! It was such an uplifting experience to have a representative from each home group in the state there and to have a chance to be represented and have an equal vote. I learned about the upside-down triangle of service and the importance of service at the group level, area level and district level. I started reading the pamphlet Circles of Love and Service. I also bought The AA Service Manual, and I’ve started reading it. I found our Twelve Concepts of Service a little overwhelming at first, but very interesting after they were explained to me.

-- Beth G.

Newland, North Carolina

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