From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: Ice Cream for Everyone

I’m currently the manager of a halfway house in Memphis. We have a great group of guys here, most of whom are staying sober. About two weeks ago, a new guy got drunk and couldn’t understand why we were insisting that he leave. I told him that the place is called a sober house. “If we let you stay, we’ll have to change the name to “drunk house!” Anyway, there is a vast amount of fun about it all. I get to be of service to the guys in early recovery who live here. But I really think I’m the one who’s learning the most.

I ride a bike to work and to my AA meetings and my other part-time job at a nearby restaurant. The other day I got off work and went out to the bike rack and there was nothing there but the damn bike rack! My bike was gone. So I figured maybe I was spending more time with my bike than I was with God, and he got mad and took it away. I wasn’t sure though. It might have just been stolen. God hadn’t yet clued me in on the rest of the plan. Maybe he was saying, “Get a car, you fool.” I couldn’t afford one yet, but I knew he’d find a way someday. So I fixed another bike, even though it wasn’t near as nice as the one I had.

-- Robby N.

] Memphis, Tennessee

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