From the April 2017 magazine.

Room 307

Alone and afraid, a young alcoholic enters a facility that will connect her to AA and a better life

I spent the first two years of my sobriety living in a women’s drug and alcohol treatment facility. The day I moved in, I turned 18. I was six months pregnant and one month off booze. I was ashamed. I was homeless. I was alone, and I was absolutely terrified.

I handed the woman at the front desk a garbage bag of all my belongings and watched as she combed meticulously through my things to ensure I wasn’t sneaking anything in. While I was waiting for the search to end, another woman came through a locked door and breathlessly called my name. “We’re ready for you honey,” she said. I pushed myself out of the chair and followed her through the door and into the main hallway, trying my best to match her stride.

-- Faith L

Polk City, Iowa, USA

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